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Since I started to Dj in 1999 I was always straggle between the hard, fast, ravelike and energetic side of music to the more cosy, homely, deep and calm side.

In one hand I wanted to put out all the aggression and the violent people have inside and on the other to show the good, happy and warm side of life.

Trying to connect between both extremely deferent style, led me to have the abillity to play different styles and energies that can fit on every chapter in the story of the night.


Musical Influence

Eran surjon, Matthew Herbert, Dave Clark, Plastikman, Danny Tenaglia, Felix Kröcher, Miskate, Tony De Vit, Gilad Nissan, Doormouse,  Gad Baruch, Simon Reynolds, Avner Malka, Yaron Sobel, nature,  Bill Brewster, Frank Broughton, Ori Lichtik,  Jeff Mills, Siddhārtha Gautama.

In 2001 I started an underground rave line in Israel called "TECHNODROME" along with Gilad Nissan and Moshe Menkin. Putting high importance on the line up to be built carefully from Minimal/Deep Techno, through more aggressive Techno and end up with Hardcore Techno. The parties took place in abandoned warehouse, parking lot, and outside in the forest.

In 2006 I moved to the Netherlands. along with studying sound engineering in SAE, I played in places like TWSTD, Siberie, Kokopelli, and the HEDONIX parties in Czech Republic. I also played and helped for PowerVsPower parties on OT301.

Coming back to Israel in 2010 I orgenised the line "Under130" and played on the "Max" parties and ATNT Soundsystem. I played in places like The Breakfest, Michatronix, Ana Lulu, and The Chapeau. 

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